Create Your Wow

​art & design by B. Foster

Rainbow poppies

Fifty Shades of Blue Collection:

Field of Poppies, original mixed media on canvas​, 32"h x 60"w  Sold Giclee prints available only.

​Golden Butterfly

Tall Blue Flower

Seattle Skyline, original mixed media on canvas,  36"h x 48"w

 Red Poppy

Harbor Abstract,  original mixed media on canvas, 30"h x 48"w

Purple Passion

Originals were sold. These are available only as giclee prints on canvas only...

These are available on giclee watercolor paper or prints.

Pacific Coastline  original mixed media on canvas, 20"h x 16"w​  Sold

 Giclee prints available only. 

Purple Passion

Two violets and a bud

Copper on Blue,  Original mixed media, 12x12" on canvas.  Sold.

Giclee prints available only. 

Tall Cedar, original mixed media on canvas, 48"h x 30"w

Entomology,  original mixed media , 12x12"  Sold.

Giclee prints available only.


Blue Horizon   original mixed media on canvas, 15"h x 30"w

Abstract of Mt. Rainier,  original two-36x36" mixed media on canvas ​  Sold.

Giclee prints available only.

​​​Most art is available as giclee prints on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas frames in many sizes if original was sold. 

Some art is on sale on or  at my events or directly contact me.

Seattle Coast, original acrylic, 48"h x 60"w

Tall Red Trees, original mixed media 30x40" on canvas 

Seattle Skyline, giclee on 3 canvas panels, 36"h x 90"w

Tall Red Flower